CREATURES play Moviecore, an experimental and conceptual form of Death-Metal.
They currently work on "The Creatures Chronicles", a movie-based trilogy, using movie samples instead of vocals.
Each chapter consists of 20 minutes of Death-Metal in different styles, composed as one piece, mixed with intense sound collages and noise.

Chapter 1, "Dead Will Walk", tells the story of a Zombie outbreak. The dead walk the earth and slowly devour the living. Samples from classic Zombie movies are merged with sound collages and slow, threatening Doom/Death-Metal.

Chapter 2, "War Of The Machine Lords", is about machines taking over the world, leading a vicious and merciless war against all humanity. Movie samples and vocoded voices meet Doom and aggressive blast beat Death-Metal in this musical massacre.

Chapter 3 tells us about an alien encounter. It has by far the weirdest music of the trilogy, some sort of New Psychedelic Aliencore. It has still to be written, which is great because that way it will always be new.

Creatures is:
Sounds & Samples: Martin Rascher
Bass: Wouter Bekers
Guitar : Ivar Useinov
Drums: Josha Nuis

CREATURES' "The Creatures Chronicles - Chapter II: War Of The Machinelords" (DEMO 2009).
Check it out on our myspace or download it here. It's a zip file containing the EP in one piece, in high quality mp3, also including the artwork. Feel free to download and spread it, but drop us a line via email or our myspace if you like the music.
To get the original EP, in a DVD case with Artwork, send us an email to get ordering information.

for music & shows check Creatures on myspace

contact: Creatures c/o M. Rascher / email: info@creatures3000.com
Da Costakade 41, 1052 SH Amsterdam; fon (+31) 6 161 40 840;